It might never happen (but if it did God might do something amazing!)

Revd Bonnie Appleton

About six years ago a cheery fellow, seeing my sad face, said, ‘Cheer up love, it might never happen!’ I rounded on him and said, ‘It did! My husband just died.’ I have no idea what the poor fellow did at that point but I must have made him feel pretty awful. It wasn’t a helpful comment in the state I was in but I could have dealt with it better.

However, despite my feelings at the time I have discovered that even when really awful things happen that is not the end. That out of the devastation and disaster can come new life, real joy and happiness.

At the time of writing I have no idea whether Britain will have left Europe or not. There is a feeling that it might never happen but whether it does or it doesn’t we face a fairly unknown future. Our NHS, Education, transport, Social Services seem to be all in disarray. We live in very uncertain times. So how should we approach the future?

Jesus’s first disciples must have felt confused, upset, beside themselves with worry, wondering what the future would bring after their friend had been arrested and crucified. They were not only dealing with grief and feeling let down by the one person they thought would conquer their Roman oppressors who was now dead, they were also felt themselves to be in personal danger because of their association with Jesus.

How quickly things changed! Once they realised that God had raised Jesus from the dead and that life would be different and that Jesus had conquered death and would be sending the Holy Spirit they started to put things into perspective and life was worth living again.

The joy of Easter is that there is new life after death.

Whether it happens or not let us pray for new life after Brexit! One way or another God will be with us and THAT is where we need to put our trust.