Minister’s Letter from Rev. Bob


Whilst at theological college, I remember the principal saying, “We should all constantly be seeking God beyond the edge of our comprehension and understanding.” During my time at college I came to realise what this actually meant and how I came to a true calling.

Whilst engaged in the ‘Death, Dying and Bereavement’ module, I ceased to be afraid of dying and asked myself “Why?” My answer was: “Because I would come into the presence of God.” A strange and frightening thought then occurred: “So you exist after all!” I worried about this for about two weeks. I had been a Christian all my life and my vocation to ministry had been robust and tested by the church, and here I was saying to God, “So you exist after all” I then plucked up the courage to speak to my course director (a formidable lady). I recanted what had happened and the course director started to laugh. She then looked at me as an adult would look at a child and said, “You now have your own strong and personal relationship with God. Not the one you have been taught from childhood or the one we teach you.”

Perhaps during Lent we should all seek God beyond the edge of our comprehension and understanding and perhaps ask what we are called to do. For some it could be the job that we do or some of the very important roles in church, such as sidesperson, flower arranger, church warden, etc., but for all of us the real calling is to be a disciple of Christ and enter into a personal relationship. Perhaps we should be taking a personal inventory and asking ourselves: “How is it between me and God?” Go on – give it a try. God can be the God of Surprises.

I would like to wish you a blessed Lent and a Happy Easter in Christ our Saviour who suffered death, was resurrected, and is with us now and forever more. Amen.

God bless,

Rev. Bob