News from Ashford Food Bank

News from Ashford Food Bank

We are told things are getting better but it does not seem that way to those of us working in the Food Bank. Our footfall has increased dramatically extending especially to the employed middle classes, some of whom live in the G7 Benefice area, with salaries remaining constant and costs soaring.

I wish to thank everyone in the G7 Benefice for the magnificent support given to our Food Bank. May I bring to your attention the following items which are needed the most at the moment:

1 Long life fruit juice
2 Packets of pasta and noodles
3 Tins of custard
3 Tinned tuna or salmon
4 Tinned pasta e.g. macaroni, spaghetti
5 especially tins of soup with winter approaching

May I ask a great kindness: we are financially challenged at the moment and will run out of money at the end of December. The Food Bank receives no government support or grants. All the financial support we receive is from donations and 100% goes to the Food Bank. Our running costs are £1000 each month most of which goes on rent. If anyone is in a position to make a financial donation, however small it would be gratefully received. Perhaps you may know of an organisation or trust we could apply to.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

God bless,
Rev Bob