G7Teen donate food for Food Bank!

20130319-143223.jpg Sunday 17th March. Passion Sunday. St Patrick’s Day. Or just another fabulous day at G7Teen. But on this day we showed our passion, lived like St Patrick and celebrated our ability to reach out to those in need around us as we had a big drive to collect as much food for the Food Bank as we could. And in doing so we filled an entire tub with food!

Feeling compassion for the Food Bank, who recently had a break-in where much of their stock was stolen, compassion for those they serve and remembering the visit we had from the Trussell Trust a year ago G7Teen used St Patrick’s Day as a theme, dressed in green and brought food to be donated. We then had a fun quiz about Ireland with questions like “where do leprechauns bury their gold?” and “how did St Patrick drive the snakes out of Ireland – in a 4×4, by praying or by beating a drum?” a lot of fun was had. With four out of six teams coming joint first it was a good thing Mim brought 4 packets of sweets as prizes!! Parents came also and the whole evening was rounded off with a game of dodge ball – something rapidly becoming as popular as last year’s Capture the Flag and Ultimate Frisbee. Mind you, with the evenings getting lighter the latter two may indeed become all time favourites once again… Muhahahahaaaaa! Got your nerves of steel…???

On a slightly more serious note tubs for donating food items are located in most G7 churches. A list of what foods are needed (i.e. non perishable items) can be found on Ashford Food Bank’s website

If you are or know a family experiencing a time of financial hardship and in need of food vouchers please direct them to the Bluebells Centre in Hothfield. Statistics have shown that child poverty exists at an alarming percentage even here in our rural, seemingly affluent villages. Rural poverty is often hardest because it is unseen. So let’s make a difference and be there for our invisible sufferers…