G7Teen April and May 2013

S'mores anyone? Sticky, gooey, sugar-rush awesomeness :D

S’mores anyone? Sticky, gooey, sugar-rush awesomeness πŸ˜€

Dates for your diary!

    21st April: Charing Barn, 6:30 till 8pm

Capture the Flag is back!!! With the lighter evenings now we can venture outside and have a bunch of games around the Barn. But this time it won’t be flags we are capturing. We are going to make African footballs and these will become our nest eggs. The first team to successfully raid the other team’s eggs wins…
New for this term is the 15 minute takeover. It’s the God Spot but with a difference. We are giving you the chance to bring your God-related theme to the 15 minute takeover. Hence the takeover bit. You. Taking over the God Spot. We’ll do it this week to give you an idea of what we want then after that it’s all yours. Mwahahahahaaaa! Hmmm… What are we getting ourselves into…
Don’t forget to bring snackage to share. Om nom πŸ™‚

    28th April: Charing Barn (and possibly Clewards Meadow) 6:30 till 8pm

Muggle Quidditch. No brooms required. No flying. But soooo much fun!! It’s like rugby, netball, dodgeball all rolled into one. Anticipate mayhem.
15 minute takeover at half time. With food. Brought by all of us.

    5th May: Charing Barn 6:30 till 8:30pm — note extended time!!

Star Wars Night (from May 4th the day before.. Lol). Watching Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Bring bean bags to sit on or cushions. Or you can just use the chairs. Fancy dress optional. Bring Β£2 to go towards a charity voted by you! Lightsabres must be sheathed and no force choking allowed. Snacks from the Cantina preferred but use your imagination on the usual stuff and relabel it “barbecued womp rat” or something. Such fun! Actually, Mim did this for her 25th last year (cough cough) and beefburgers cut into square chunks and put on cocktail sticks were a big hit when renamed womp rat. Add some flavoursome dips and you’re all set. Mim is currently deciding what to rename sausage rolls this year to make it sound from a galaxy far far away… Remember cheese and pineapples on cocktail sticks? (Speaking of galaxies far, far away.. LOL)

    12th May: Charing Barn and Clewards Meadow 6:30 till 8pm

Street hockey!!! No skates required. Shin pads optional/ recommended.
15 minute takeover.
Bring healthy snackage like fruit etc.

    19th May: Outing! Last G7Teen before Half Term. Destination: Hothfield.


    Specific location: Duck Barn, Park Drive. 6:30 – 8pm.

For outdoor games, campfires and general fun. S’mores anyone? Sticky, gooey, sugary awesomeness πŸ˜‰
Thanks to our fabulous leader, Rachel, for being hostess with the mostess. πŸ™‚

G7Teen then takes a break for Half Term then returns on June 9th. Watch this space for more info…

See you Sunday!!


The Jedi Council.

Okay, okay, the G7Teen Leader-people…