Prayers of School children

Doves decorated by Egerton school children in St James' Church, Egerton

Doves decorated by Egerton school children

St James’ Church, Egerton, has a wonderful space behind the pews where children from Egerton Primary School display their work from RE lessons and projects relating to the Bible. Throughout the Church Year they contribute a fantastic array of artwork according to the themes. Our most recent event in the calendar has been Pentecost and so their project was to create and decorate doves to symbolise the coming of the Holy Spirit. In the Bible the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus in the form of a dove after he was baptised by John the Baptist. On the back of the doves they wrote prayers because the Bibles says that the Holy Spirit intercedes (prays) for us. These were truly inspiring and I’d like to share some of them with you:

Dear God, I like you a lot ……Eoifa age 4 (Robins Class)
Dear God, Thank you for all the food we eat and the water we drink, we pray for everyone who does not have any food or water…..Josh Age 7 (Kingfishers Class)
Dear God, Some people have nothing and some have a lot, please make the ones who have a lot give some to the ones who have nothing…..Oliver Age 10 (Woodpeckers Class)
Dear Lord, Please look after my Grandad in heaven and keep him well. Keep my family healthy and happy and love us always…Louise Age 11 (Swallows Class)

Doves decorated by Egerton school children in St James' Church, Egerton

I never cease to be amazed and encouraged by young people. Perhaps it is why I choose to work with them. But I am also reminded that Jesus thought very highly of children. Let’s not forget that from a boy’s packed lunch Jesus fed 5000. The disciples thought children were pestering Jesus. Instead he rebuked his disciples and told them not to keep children from coming to him. He insisted that we should all have faith like children – curious, unabashed, filled with awe and wonder, unafraid to ask Jesus the things on their hearts.

Go back and read those prayers again. Then find your own prayer doves, or whatever symbol you choose, and let them rise unabashed, unafraid to Jesus through the Holy Spirit and know that he cares and he listens. May our hearts be curious; may we be filled with awe and wonder.