Mini Sermon Series – Growing Ministry Together

The Sermon Series ‘Growing Ministry Together’ got off to a good start at the Benefice Service at the end of July with the subject ‘Direction’. By the time you are reading this, Archdeacon Philip will have opened up the subject of Affirming. The third part, Calling, will be explored at individual services and the series concluded with the visit of peter Ingrams to the October Benefice Service. At this time while we are exploring the possibility of becoming a Single Parish, this sermon series helps us to understand the part we play as individuals and also as congregations against the wider canvas of God’s plan and purpose. Do take a look at the resources on the Diocesan website at:-

September Individual Church Services Preachers: Various

October 29th 10.30am Pluckley Church Preacher: Peter Ingrams

One of the objectives of this resource as stated by the Diocesan team who compiled it is that it helps all church communities to grow spiritually, reimagine ministry and build partnerships that enrich communities. This is also my prayer.