Egerton – God’s Acre Project

By time you read this 220 Egerton schoolchildren will have had lots of fun during Cherishing. Churchyards week 6-12th June, they will have quizzed, smelt, seen, heard, hunted down, collected, guessed, drawn and painted and hopefully learnt something of the treasures our churchyard holds!

We have 2 other events upcoming – July 26th Sunday 10 am onwards we hope to build a BUg Hotel in the churchyard using recycled materials and invite anyone interested esp children to join us- refreshments provided. We need old clay pots, moss, hay, hollow canes etc so please bring whatever you can muster along. Look up bug hotels on the internet for more information but essentially they provide great places for insects etc to live, nest and overwinter. The result should look good as well! We now at last have ‘planning’ permission for its construction from on high in the church but will be very mindful of people’s feelings and it’s siting etc.

Secondly the Bat Walk is likely to be early evening in the autumn, date tbc and again all are invited- this exciting evening with expert Shirley Thompson includes using bat detectors, learning about bats and doing various bat related activities!
In other news, the churchyard is looking good, please visit and walk around to see the wonderful wild flowers, or bird watch, and maybe lift the reptile mats to see the slow worm babies etc. There are lots of mown pathways in the wilder areas to provide access and for you to explore.

The compost area has been cleared up thanks to the Hodgkins boys and people are reminded that only soft biodegradable matter should be left there, and all churchyard woody material taken to the bonfire zone outside the N W gate. Please do not leave plastic wrappers, oasis, glass, plastic or metal of any kind in the compost area as there is no collection from this point and it’s a horrible job for volunteers to pick out this rubbish!

The school/ KGAP interaction has provided a yearlong changing display of children’s work in the children’s area of the church and we are very grateful to all those artists and scribes for their wonderful and inventive work! If you haven’t seen what’s been done then pop into the church!

Most notably At Christmas, and again at Easter, the Egerton Angel made an appearance in the children’s area- it’s a 2.5×1.5m artwork of astounding quality made by Cathy Hill and many Egerton schoolchildren! This ethereal painting has now been saved for the people of Egerton by the kind generosity of various individuals, most notably Colin Newnham, renowned poet and artist of this parish, who made a wonderful replacement frame for the school. The angel, now in its duvet dust cover shroud, needs a permanent home, ‘off season’ as it were, and anyone with a dry barn is asked if they could please house it for us.

The KGAProject is always looking for naturalists, young and old, to help in the churchyard on the various schemes- selective mowing, clipping, raking, clearing, putting up birdboxes and generally helping out- please come along and join the group- we don’t have meetings as such but just get on and do things! It’s great fun but also often hard work!

Further information and updates on the Gods Acre Project can be found in the church porch, on G7 and village websites or on application as below
Sarah Widd and Gale King 756460 /