Celebrate Refugee Week

“Refugee Tales – New Canterbury Tales for Our Time!”

Fifteen contemporary writers have written refugee tales that will be performed (two each evening) in free events in ten different locations in the south east during national Refugee Week. ‘Refugee Tales’ starts with a launch event in Dover on June 13th. This marks the beginning of the nine day walk which follows a route to Crawley via Canterbury stopping off at the various locations for the performances. Walkers, those who simply enjoy walking, others with an interest in contemporary literature and those who wish to show their solidarity with refugees and detainees will be joined by  a number of ex-detainees whose experiences have provided inspiration for the evening presentations. The walk ends with a reprise of the tales at the Hawth Theatre in Crawley with host Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. The walkers will arrive in Charing in time for a performance of “The Detainee’s tale” and “The Visitor’s Tale” on Tuesday 16th June at 7pm. Entry is free and refreshments will be served.

Helena Kennedy, QC, writes “The Canterbury Tales collected together a host of stories about the lives of a set of travellers in England in the thirteenth century. From my experience as a current day lawyer, refugees’ stories are just as affecting: horrifying but also life-affirming, frightening but also uplifting. Our humanity is measured by our empathy and willingness to step into the shoes of others. The idea of sharing a migrant’s experience by travelling with and lending an ear as well as a hand is ingenious. This is a journey worthy of our support.”

This sounds like an interesting evening. Hope to see you there.

Sheila Cox