Minister’s Letter from Rev Bob

A day in the life of………..

It has been suggested that for this letter I give an example of one of my working days. This is a recent day and is not unusual:

I always arise at 5am and spend the first hour in silent reflection and prayer. I tend to walk round my garden and often just rejoice at God’s creation.

On this particular day from 6am until about 8.30am I dealt with emails and correspondence. After breakfast I then attended Pluckley School where I am Deputy Chair of Governors. I visited one of the classes and helped make preparation for the Sunday when Pluckley School would be attending Church.

On leaving the school late morning, I visited all six churches and collected food donations for the food bank. I then delivered them to our new warehouse. I have been heavily involved in the transition of a model where the food is distributed from a central point to a model where the the food is distributed locally in places such as Sure Start centres e.g. our own Bluebell Centre in Hothfield. The Bluebells serves our G7 Benefice and is an easier journey for our service users than going to the other side of Ashford.

I eventually arrived home about 2.30pm and grabbed some lunch. Late afternoon I saw a wedding couple this lasted just over an hour. I then managed an hour and a half in the garden before dinner. I then attended a Pastoral Group meeting in Egerton. This is a group that I convene. I later engaged in further wedding administration. This is a busy time of the year for all of the team in relation to weddings. My working day finished at 10pm.

This is quite a usual day save that I sometimes get a little more time to myself in the afternoon. I do not see myself as an exception. I am aware that our Rector, Sheila, is even more busy than I am. My colleague Rev. Sue once showed me her dairy and hardly a had any space for a continuous month.

Having said all that, I would not change it for the world. It is an honour and a privilege to serve the G7 as Benefice Priest. I am also aware of the many hours that are given by the Church wardens and others in building the Kingdom of God.

God bless,
Rev Bob