Ashford Family Foodbank – An urgent appeal

I would like to thank you all for the incredible donations of food received so far. G7 is truly a caring Benefice.

However we have become victims of our own success. Since changing our distribution from a central point to local outlets, notably the Bluebells Centre at Hothfield, we have distributed more and more food to needy local people. There is not one parish that does not have a need and I am very concerned about the dramatic increase in pensioner poverty. Food has been given to people from all G7 parishes.

We are now at a point where we are giving out more food than we are getting in. May I ask a really big favour? Winter is coming and people in our midst will be cold and hungry. Could we make a really big effort and fill our Foodbank boxes every single week in October. Our stocks need building up.

Thank you so much, in anticipation.

Jesus said: “ When I was hungry you gave me food.”

God bless,

Rev Bob