News from Ashford Foodbank

News from Ashford Foodbank

We are grateful for your continued support. We would like to offer the following short case history as an example of the type of person we are supporting at Ashford Foodbank:

A man came to the foodbank recently. He has a wife and two young children, and was supporting them on a salary of £20,000. He was subsequently made redundant, but rather than claim benefits he went straight out and managed to secure further employment. However, the salary was only £14,000. This placed the family below the poverty line, but he was told he would not receive any income support for six weeks. He was unable to feed his family and was toying with the idea of taking a ‘payday loan’ which would have been a disaster. Fortunately his wife became aware of the Foodbank and was seen by one of our voucher holders. The family are now being supported by the Foodbank until those benefits come through.

The above is typical of the type of person that Ashford Foodbank supports. Please continue to support us.

Jesus said,”When I was hungry, you gave me food.”

God bless,

Rev Bob