Youth activities up n’ coming

First into action, last to leave....

Helloooo everyone!

Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve written here.  A thousand apologies!  If you thought I’d disappeared into the ether or got stuck under something heavy, fear not.  There was me thinking none of the youff bothered to look at the website for the activities and then one of them approached me last night at G7Teen and said “when are you going to put the schedule of events on the G7 website.”  Well, knock me down with a feather – they DO read it!

So here’s a list of what’s happening over the coming weeks: (juicy extras in magenta)

Sunday 5th February: Outing/ Activity (away from Barn) – currently being negotiated – will email you further with details once I’ve confirmed the venue (not meaning to be all “secret squirrels” here but I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up)

Sundays 12th and 19th February: Half term (for most) —- No G7Teen 🙁

Tuesday 21st February: Pancakes in the Barn!!  Celebrating Shrove Tuesday from 3:30pm onwards.  General pancake eating fest.  Proceeds go to charity.  See further information nearer to the event.  In the words of young people today: Om Nom Nom.  I may have to take the afternoon off work…

Sunday 26th February: G7Teen are back in the Barn for games, food, and planning epic banner and t-shirt painting, ready for the Easter Monday Youth Pilgrimage.  Bring your artistic skills.

Thursday 1st March: IONA Concert at Canterbury Christ Church University Chapel, 7pm.  Celtic Rock Band, IONA (one of Mim’s ultimate favourite Christian rock bands), are in Kent to rock our socks off with some amazing celtic sounds with guitars, pipes, recorders, drums, synths and general awesomeness.  Tickets £14 each (and totally worth it).  Email Mim for further details.  Parents welcome.

Sunday 4th March: G7Teen in the Barn, 6:30 till 8pm.  Theme de Jour is Free Running (or Parkour).  Note to parents: we won’t be actually doing Parkour on the night since none of us can (oh the shame…) but we will be exploring its origins and some core themes with videos, activities and discussions.  P.s. if anyone knows anyone who is a Free Runner and is willing to demonstrate please email Mim with their details.  How cool would that be?!?!

Sunday 11th March: G7Teen in the Barn, 6:30pm till 8pm.  Continuing with and finishing off Banners and T-shirt creations.  Bring £3 to cover cost of t-shirts.  Games and food provided.

Monday 12th March: Sheila Cox’s licensing at Charing Church. 6:30pm?  Time to be confirmed.  The big question is – does anyone want the Youth to contribute something to this / participate in?  Let Mim know asap so we can include some preparation time in the previous G7Teen nights…  As yet the content of said licensing seems to be a closely-guarded secret.  But then I was stuck under something heavy / lost in ether for a while…

Sunday 18th March: The Amazing, Profound, Incredibly Spontaneous Open-Mic Night (formerly known as Youth Congregation).  6:30pm till 8pm.  Time to bring poems, prayers and promises (oh wait, that’s a John Denver song) dance, drama, skits, songs and general social commentary of Life As I See It.  Parents welcome.  Coffee, tea, soft drinks and copious amounts of snackage provided.

Saturday 24th March (note this replaces G7Teen on Sunday 25th March): G7Teen at Sainsbury’s Bybrook (tbc). Yep.  You saw correctly.  Same time of 6:30pm till 8pm.  The Sainsbury’s Challenge.  Activities will be based around said superstore.  Permission slips to follow.  Drop off at Sainsbury’s Bybrook, pick up at Eureka Park McDonalds. (Please note that we are still waiting for Sainsbury’s to confirm their willingness to allow us to do this so plans may change if we’re denied)

Sundays 1st, 8th and 15th April: No G7Teen 🙁 (Easter Holidays) 🙂

However – Monday 9th April is the Easter Monday Youth Pilgrimage!  More details to follow…  Keep the day free!

Well, that’s about it for now.  Will keep you updated with changes nearer the time.  If you have any questions send Mim a quick email.  Or a slow one, for that matter… I’m not fussed :p

Peace out, y’all!

Your amazing G7Teen Leadership Team 🙂