Youff Tonight Innit!

This is what Mim’s room looks like.  Forget trolleys.  And it’s not even that organised (“I wish” says Mim) Half terms are spent tidying up —  Cartoon by Dave Walker (used with permission)

Tonight / Tonite / 2nite and also this afternoon/ avo /laters youth/youff/yooff/Ooff will not be in the vicarage/ rectory for Plus and not in the Barn for G7Teen.  This mass disappearance of youth can only mean one thing: it’s the last session before Half Term.  Yippeeeeee!!– Half Term!!  Boooo!!– No youth for 2 weeks after tonight 🙁

Now, if you’re a Plusser (i.e. in Year 10 or over) and accustomed to appearing at the vicarage at 4:30, you’ll need to reset your teleportation modules to Charing Church instead.  Yep, we’re in the church today.  I know!  A young person appearing in the church!  But please, no cameras, paparazzi or press.  And no applying super glue to the pews so they can’t go after we’re done.  Rudeness…

G7Teen (as in 11 – 16 year olds) will be going bowling!!  Panic not, Barn Management, we’re not using the Barn for bowling (although that could be kinda fun… Mim ponders… okay, okay, maybe not).  Youffers set teleportation modules to AMF Bowling in Ashford, and also set arrival time to 6:20pm not 6:30pm.  Yeppers.  2 games for £6.50 total (if you’re under 16) or £8.50 if you’re older.  We’ve pre-paid for 18 youth and 6 adults and have some spaces left.  (Are you kidding?!)  So if you want to join us let Mim know asap by calling 07725 112 141.  Grown-ups and Yooff alike.  Maybe you’ve considered coming to G7Teen but haven’t plucked up the courage (hey we’re not that scary…. Well, Mim is, but Diccon, Helene and Shirley try to keep her in her place so it’s worth coming along just to see that).  Tonight could be a good night to tag along.  Plus, with Mim’s “epic” bowling skills you’re certainly not going to be the lowest scorer of the night :p

So, ignore what it says on Google Calendar in the G7Teen page.  We’re churchin’ and bowlin’ for Plus and G7Teen.  P.s. if you’re bored over the Half Term hols, Mim has some super awesome and amazing ideas about what we can do.  It involves churchyards, gravestones and who’s buried in here…  More details to follow…  Uh-buh-dee uh-buh-dee uh-buh-dee that’s all folks!