The Light of Christ

Dear friends, 

There is a story of how a mother was telling her child about the stained glass windows in the church. The windows showed martyrs, bishops, priests, nuns, artists, poets and politicians. The mother explained that the people pictured in those windows were saints.

The little boy responded, “Oh, I get it.  Saints are people that the light shines through.”


Summer is over – we shall soon be putting the clocks back and dreading those long dark nights.

Which can sound quite depressing with not much to look forward too.


On October 6th we remember the work of William Tyndale, translator of The Bible, a true Saint! Followed on October 28th by Bible Sunday, thanking the Saints who gave us the Word of God! And on November 1st we celebrate All Saints Day, recalling those many who have shown us what God is like, through their lives, words and examples. Many Commemoration Services will be held on Sunday 4th November, when we remember those Saints close to us, who have been very much part of our lives, who died (recently). Then of course Remembrance Sunday is on 11th November with special services to honour those Saints who have made the great sacrifice for freedom in the various conflicts recent and past.

December abounds with Christmas Festivities, School productions, Christingle Services and Carol Services and of course – Christmas

(I see the shops are already starting their displays)


This time of the year – Autumn – is a time full of promise. A time to re-look at The Saints in our lives.

As I said The Saints – are people who the light shines through.

The Saints we celebrate are people throughout the generations that the light of God shines through.  I expect most of the time they weren’t even aware of their own glow, but those around them could see it — in the way they loved and cared for people, in their humour or their patience or their hope or their gentleness or their strength, or in the way they envisioned God’s kingdom or saw the best in the world or fought for justice or peace.

 We remember loved ones – the Saints in our lives who probably helped us to be the people we are now.

We remember all who have died in the search for peace – a topic close to Jesus ‘ heart.

And to close the year we have all the wonder of the Light of Christ shining through our celebrations.

A depressing time of year – NO – let the Light of Christ shine through all our activities – banning all the darkness that pervades the world

Put away the darkness of Halloween and let the light of Christ give the Hope of Eternal Glory for all believers that is the true meaning of The Season

Let us glory in the LIGHT of CHRIST.


Depressed about dark nights; too busy; too many bills ? NO!

Let us as we look through and at the lives of the Saints be uplifted ready again the Celebrate God’s Gift of a Saviour this Christmas.

May the Lord Bless you

Rev. Richard WebbRichard
(Rev Richard Webb – one of many seeking to share The Light of Christ)