Novena of Prayer

Caring by Annie Ho Cooper

‘Caring’ by Annie Ho Cooper

In the G7 benefice

an invitation to wait…
…and pray for renewal in the gift of hospitality

Ascension to Pentecost 2012:

  • Friday 18th        “Hospitality and ‘Reverencing’”        Little Chart  7p.m*
  • Saturday 19th         “Hospitality and ‘Belonging’”   Little Chart  7.30a.m*
  • Sunday 20th         “Hospitality and ‘Receiving’”        G7Teen 6.30p.m.
  • Monday 21st         “Hospitality and ‘Welcoming’”        Westwell   7p.m.
  • Tuesday 22nd         “Hospitality and ‘Caring’”    Charing Heath 7p.m.
  • Wednesday 23rd         “Hospitality and ‘Searching’”.         Charing   7p.m.
  • Thursday 24th        “Hospitality and ‘Transforming’”          Hothfield  7p.m.
  • Friday 25th        “Hospitality and ‘Feeding’”          Pluckley  7p.m.
  • Saturday 26th        “Hospitality and ‘Generosity’”        Egerton   9.30a.m

** Little Chart 7 – 8.30p.m. Friday; Saturday morning with breakfast.

Come to one,
come to all,
pray at home.

May we be blessed in the waiting!

For more details contact Rev Sheila Cox – 01233 712598