Mim meets best mate at EMYP shocker!

Mim and Archbishop Rowan

Mim delighted to meet best mate at EMYP 2012

Mim Oliver, G7Teen‘s Youth Leader, was delighted to meet Archbishop Rowan at the Easter Monday Youth Pilgrimage (EMYP)¬† ¬†earlier today (9th April). Mim and Rowan chatted animatedly for several minutes and there was much smiling and amusement.

This year’s EMYP featured a great talk by Murray Wilkinson, ChYPs (the children & young people’s) Ministry Adviser, on the African ethical concept of Ubuntu: “I am what I am because of who we all are”. Phambili nge ThembaThe concept of Ubuntu has incredible resonance and meaning for us as followers of Christ. Linking with Murray’s excellent theme was a retiring collection in aid of Phambili nge Themba. Phambili ngeThemba means “going forward with hope”.

“As a registered NGO based in the Langa community, it is the goal of Phambili ngeThemba to bring the love and power of God to Langa, leading to the long-term transformation and upliftment of the community.”

Langa is a township near Cape Town with something like 80% unemployment, but the Phambili nge Themba NGO brings real hope and makes a tangible difference to the present and future of this wonderful community.