How the Young family got on cycling for Friends of Kent Churches

Robert Julie and Michaela made it to Charing

Robert Julie and Michaela made it to Charing

Well Saturday 8 September dawned bright and sunny. For a number of reasons we did not manage to set off until lunch time. Michaela was keen to ride on the back of the tandem so Julie joined us on her solo and came with us to Charing Heath and Charing leaving us to carry on. We decided that our main target would be to visit all the churches in the G7 with a few more.

From Charing we set off towards Westwell, with memories of the Charing 10k run for Robert as this went the same way. At Hothfield as well as being welcomed by the team we met our Rector Sheila Cox (although she was not travelling by bicycle!)  Michaela had yet another drink (good idea due to the heat) and another biscuit (to give her the energy to make it to the next church).  After saying hello to the horse in the field opposite it was onwards to Little Chart and who should we meet there but Sheila again!. Pluckley was the next call so up the hill it was but at once we arrived the reward was a piece of home-made flapjack. This left just one of the G7 to go so it was back on the tandem and off the Egerton. A good welcome at Egerton and offer of more cake so it was a damson cupcake for Michaela and spicy fruitcake for Robert.  We were only a few miles from home but Robert decided that there was time to visit Boughton Malherbe and Lenham so it was uphill again. We arrived at Boughton Malherbe around 5.30pm and were told that those manning the church had just left having had visits from just 2 cyclists all day so we signed our own sheet. Then back down to Lenham ( who had also had fewer visitors than in previous years)  before the final cycle home.

After a good afternoon’s cycling we had covered around 24 miles and visited 10 churches, with many thanks to all those manning the churches and offering us refreshments along the way. Perhaps next year will see more taking part either walking or cycling.

As Friends of Kent Churches is registered with the Just Giving site, Robert created a page so anyone who wishes may sponsor online – the web address is –