Easter Celebration

Easter Sunday Re:fresh

Celebrating Easter Sunday - Re:fresh at Charing Church Barn - photo by Martin Higgins

Over 40 of us celebrated our Lord’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday in the barn.  The Re:Fresh service was kicked off with some amazing worship songs, including “He Has Risen” by Noel Richards.  We then got into teams for a quiz.  The “Easter Know it Alls” romped home to a resounding victory and the children were all rewarded with an Easter Egg.  During the service some of the children also created miniature Easter-gardens. We finished off with a very noisy rendition of “I am a new Creation” by Dave Bilborough accompanied by everyone on percussion instruments.

Come and join us every Sunday (except the 5th Sunday in the month when there is one) at 11.00am in the barn next to Charing Church.