Archbishop supports Canterbury Oast Trust by buying raffle ticket

Archbishop Rowan Williams buys a Canterbury Oast Trust raffle ticket from Gill Gibb.

Archbishop Rowan Williams buys a Canterbury Oast Trust raffle ticket from Gill Gibb.

When Archbishop Rowan Williams came to visit the G7 Benefice on Sunday he very kindly bought a Canterbury Oast Trust raffle ticket from the charity’s Chief Executive Gill Gibb.

Just like Archbishop Rowan you can also buy some tickets (from Gill) for this very worthwhile charity, and you may even win a beautiful Stevenson Brothers Rocking horse! Keep reading to find out more.

The Canterbury Oast Trust is a charity with a difference – it owns and operates the South of England Rare Breeds Centre. How did that happen and why?

When the Trust was first established it was by families looking to set up residential homes with a difference for their children. These homes would have a family feel, offer high-quality care, be in a great environment and above all be the sort of home any of us would want to live in. These homes were first set up at Aldington and then Highlands farm was purchased which is now the site of six homes where we support residents with varying degrees of disability and of course the Rare Breeds Centre. The Trust supports and runs eighteen homes in total.

Now a major Tourist attraction the Farm was initially intended to provide Life Skills opportunities for our residents which it still does, meeting one of the Trust’s objectives of having our residents interacting with the public as they visit our site, breaking down barriers and building understanding about disability.

Our core values are family, friendly and fun and treating people with respect and integrity, never forgetting that everyone can make a contribution and has a right to be listened to about their choices. This is interwoven with a pride and belief that our work adds real value to the lives of our residents, their families and all who work, volunteer and visit us.

We fund-raise to raise awareness about the Trust and to ensure that the care and support we give to those we look after remains of a high quality – we are proud of our standards and have exemplary Care Quality Commission reports.

Win a Stevenson Brothers Rocking horse

Win a Stevenson Brothers Rocking horse

How can you help? Buying a raffle ticket from me to win a Stevenson Brothers Rocking horse would certainly help. They are £1 each or a book for £10. We are aiming to raise £15,000 to contribute to developing more supported living accommodation for some of our residents to move on from residential homes into a more independent style of living – for some it has been a 20 year journey to get this far and we want to help them achieve their dream.

Please call Gill on 01233 714765 if you can help in any way – just like Archbishop Rowan did by buying some tickets from me when he visited us in G7 recently!