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TWAM enables people to earn a living and to support themselves

Sunday 9th saw G7Teen-ers lugging old, unwanted tools to Charing Barn to donate to the charity/mission work of Tools With A Mission (TWAM), a mission that refurbishes tools and sends them out to third world countries, particularly in Africa, helping them build sustainable living for communities.  Water tank projects in Uganda have benefited from the charitable donations, and G7Teen were proud to participate in the work.

TWAM has its operations base in Ipswich where a team of volunteers work hard to refurbish tools and equipment ready to be sent out to designated countries where local charities, missions, aid agencies and non-government organisations have made requests of them to ship items to them.  G7Teen is fortunate to have a local representative in one of its leaders, Graham Howland, who raises awareness with local groups and serves as a local collector of tools (a list of tools wanted by TWAM is available in pdf format).

Graham, who is quite the handyman himself, also helps to refurbish and service the tools he receives to save time at the main depot in Ipswich.  In short, he’s quite a legend!!  G7Teen is, well, kind of chuffed to have him on the team!!

Anyway, it’s a fascinating charity that plays a unique but valuable role in sustainable living, and it certainly piqued the curiosity of G7Teen.  That, and the fact that we were serving up a feast by having our Harvest Supper at the same time, meant that games, fun and food made for an entertaining and generous evening!  It was all rounded off with a reading from scripture: Micah 4:1-8.  Powerful words.

Well done to Jenny Oliver (Mim’s mum) for preparing a fantastic feast (alongside working on updating the Parish Profile as part of G7’s recruitment campaign for a new Priest-in-charge… whew!  What a trooper!) and also to all those who contributed desserts, games and made the evening go so incredibly well!

For further information on the charity Tools with a Mission go to the following website:

Graham Howland

Graham Howland

To contact Graham Howland in his role as a local collector of tools for TWAM please email him at For a list of tools wanted by TWAM follow this link:

G7Teen is at Pizza Hut this coming Sunday (16th) and then breaks up for 2 Sundays, returning on 6th November for marshmallow and sausage toasting, games and glowing stuff…  See you there!