“Marshmallows toasting on an open fire…” (sing with me now)

Mmmm sticky goodness 🙂

G7Teen had a full-on sugar rush this Sunday (6th) making and eating “S’mores”.  What are S’mores, I hear you ask… Well, let’s just say it involves toasting marshmallows and combining them with chocolate between two biscuits (or graham crackers, as our North American buddies would call them) to make a sticky, gooey sandwich.  Derived from the words ‘some’ and ‘more’ I guess, it takes toasted marshmallows (and blood-sugar levels) to a whole new level.  Either way it was so much fun toasting them, and hilarious to watch everyone try and eat them.  Even the most fastidious of neat-freaks (not that we have many) couldn’t avoid getting a little messy with marshmallow goo, which, in my humble opinion, makes for a fantastic treat and youth activity.  If you’re a parent and your teen came home on a sugar high, um, yeah… my humble apologies… 😀

There's no way to avoid the sticky mess - but the taste is worth it!

Goodies waiting to be skewered and toasted

But! We didn’t just toast marshmallows.  Nope, being the broad-minded leaders that we are, we brought sausages (from which the youth learned the art of patience.. muhahahaha!)  I’m not sure how many were actually eaten but judging by the amount of sausage-shaped charcoal in the dying embers of the barbecue at the end of the night I’m thinking a fair number ended up as fuel.  We also toasted peppers and baby corn, the latter being more of an experiment.  Hint: baby corn likes to break up at the slightest provocation.  I recommend thin skewers.  Or just don’t bother unless you’d like to pay £1.59 for the pleasure of seeing baby corn turn into charcoal.  Rudeness…

Before all this mayhem though we played manhunt (posh word for a teenage game of “it”), saw some homemade fireworks, courtesy of Dr Jenny Oliver, scientist extraordinaire and plausibly the main reason I’m as whacky as I am, who emphasised that while these were homemade it probably isn’t all that wise to make them at home (steel wool and meths by the way – again, caution the use of near open flame), and played with sparklers!  All in the great outdoors in the mist and drizzle!  Why?  Because we are British.  Thou shalt enjoy thy evening fun outdoors, even if the weather is rubbish.  Thus saith Mim.  Then commenced the toast-fest!  Again – outdoors.  Cos we’re ‘ard.  It was all rounded off with a few little fireworks, let off by our pyro-in-residence, Graham, who has some great alternative uses for a chainsaw sharpening rod – last night’s was a toasting fork…  Tools with a mission: to participate in crazy youff activity.  You’ve gotta love his ingenuity.  Even I had to lash some skewers onto a couple of garden rods to use as extra toasting forks for those who didn’t bring any.  Previously I’d swept Ashford’s shopping centres seeing if any retailers still had any bbq prongs left over.  They didn’t.  Maybe I was thinking too much like a Canadian, who thinks nothing of using a barbecue in 25 below zero, or socialises with friends round a fire pit, toasting marshmallows any time of year.  Hmmm.  Canadians are ‘ard too.

But I digress.  Thanks to my awesome team for being Health and Safety monitors, first class janitors and for humoring my crazy ideas.  Or just being crazy.  Couldn’t do it without you!

Next week we’re doing shoeboxes!!  Will post another request with all the details on the website shortly…