Healing and Wholeness

The Healing and Wholeness Service is an important part of the life of the G7 Benefice but can still be a bit of mystery for many. In this article we aim to dispel the mystery and tell you what this service is all about.

The Healing and Wholeness Service is a service in which we bring ourselves to God and ask him to bring ‘Healing and Wholeness’ to our lives. This does not necessarily mean a ‘physical’ healing for an illness or condition. For example, sometimes our greatest need at a particular moment in our lives is not a physical healing, but to be ‘set free’ from our worries, an unhealthy addiction, pattern of behaviour, compulsion or even self-loathing.
So when we pray for ‘Healing and Wholeness’ we do so trusting that God, who always hears and answers our prayers, who sees what we truly need to be made ‘more whole’ as people He created and loves, will thus answer according to His good will and best purpose for our lives. ‘A Service of Healing and Wholeness’ is therefore not about coming to see or even expecting that our physical ailments will be removed from us when we leave at the end of each service.

Who is it for? It is for anyone. We can come and receive prayer for ourselves or for anyone we know in need.

How do we ‘receive prayer for Healing and Wholeness’?
In the service we bring ourselves to God, and then at the appropriate time we can, in complete privacy and confidentiality share, if we wish too, the issue we would like to receive prayer for. Then those with proven gifts for prayer in healing and wholeness will pray for us. As they pray they can lay hands on us or just pray over us.

For more information, ask Caroline. The next Healing and Wholeness Service is at St Mary, Westwell on Sun 9 Oct at 6.00pm, then the next service after that is at St Peter and St Paul, Charing on Sun 13 Nov 2011 at 6.00pm. We look forward to seeing you.