God’s free gift

Rev. Richard WebbDear Readers,

I wonder what is your favourite verse in The Bible? I have many – but the one that keeps coming to mind is:

“For God so loved the world that He sent His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal lifeJohn’s Gospel Ch. 3, v16.

Don’t forget “Gospel” means good news, so John in writing this verse was telling us some good news. But what do we know about God? How can we find out about Him? Jesus said if you have seen Me you’ve seen the Father.

What do we hear when we read the words:
SENT His only Son”??

We send presents + letters + emails + ?
God sent His Son. Did He have to? Did we ask Him for Him?
Was it on our Christmas list?

And which one did God send?
The youngest – the oldest – the cleverest – the strongest??
No – His Only One! “Only” means “just one “. There is no one else.
No second chance. There is something special here.
Would you and I send – our only?

What do we hear when we read the words:
Who ever” ?? “Who ever” is the opposite of only.
The whole world. Not just a special group.

Believes means “accepts as true”.
Wants to know more.

What do we hear when we read the words:
“Shall not perish – but have everlasting Life”.
Perish means to rot . Something we discard; throw away.
End – No hope of a future.

To have LIFE means being alive. Able to be. Not dead.

Back to the beginning of the verse – we read “for God SO loved the world”

That’s why He sent His Son – to offer us salvation as a free GIFT.

There is no force – no coercion – no bribery
Nor because we have earned it – nor have worked for it -nor have been born into it.
It is a free gift that we need TO ACCEPT (believe in) so that we can inherit eternal Life through JESUS the (our) SAVIOUR that God sent because He loves us.

Yours in Christ’s service,
Rev. Richard Webb