Charing Heath turns cottage pie into gold

Cottage pie by missmeng

There be gold in them there cottage pies! - photo: Bon Voyage, Maria! {a title="Attribution License" href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" }Some rights reserved{/a} by {a href=""}missmeng{/a}

In Charing Heath they have managed what not even medieval alchemists dared to dream of; they have managed to turn cottage pie into, well if not gold then certainly, money for Holy Trinity, Charing Heath, church funds anyway. As Sheila Finn-Kelcey reports:

“A planned evening of Call My Bluff on Saturday 17 September failed to happen due to various circumstances,  but, with the motto ‘never give up’ it turned into a ‘Cottage Pie and Crumble’ evening at the home of John and Sheila Finn-Kelcey.   Thanks to all the wonderful cooks who provided pies and crumbles, and those who donated raffle prizes, it proved to be a really enjoyable social evening and raised £221 for church funds.
A very big thank-you to all who contributed in so many ways to make such a good evening.”
Not only this but Sheila also goes on to report some further fundraising for Friends of Kent Churches:
“Ride and Stride – 10 September
Seven people rode and strode for Holy Trinity (the striding took place round Canterbury!) and seven sat and welcomed people as they visited;  a very good response – thank you all very much.   The amount promised for sponsorship is in the region of £250 and when this is all received it will be sent to the Friends of Kent Churches, who will send back half to Holy Trinity.”