‘Celebrating Discipleship’ with Attitude – Sun 20 Nov

The characters of Jesus’ first disciples were so different – Mary Magdalene, Peter, John, Judas, Matthew, etc. Real live people whose lives were profoundly changed by their relationship with the one called Jesus.

We are all so different and ‘unfinished’ characters. Can we imagine ourselves with ‘attitude’? Sticking up for our friends? A just cause? What we believe? Unashamed and yet humble? Wanting more than anything else to be true to the Jesus who says ‘follow me’? Responding with all we are to all he is?

Gathering in Canterbury Cathedral on Sunday 20 November, at 5.30pm will be hundreds of disciples honouring Christ the King. This service called ‘Celebrating Discipleship’ will be on opportunity to:

  • share stories of lives and churches connecting with God in new ways
  • offer our renewed intentions about developing our discipleship
  • responding to the Holy Spirit’s challenge to dedicate ourselves anew to Christ the King

You may be aware that discipleship has been a focus for the diocese this year. Whether you have shared in these activities or simply continued in your everyday journey of discipleship, this celebration is for you.

Be there. Bring your ‘attitude’. Return to your parishes with ‘attitude’- the transformative attitude of Christ the King!

We look forward to welcoming you on 20th November.

By Revd Peter Ingrams, Member of the Year of Discipleship Team. Canterbury Diocese.
To find out more about the 24/7 live it! Year of Discipleship: www.canterburydiocese.org/247liveit